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Discount Funny Wear

It was previously mentioned that our goal is to provide discount funny wear at a price you can’t refuse. Well this is only part of our purpose on this earth. Not only do we want to produce inexpensive funny wear for those that need them, it is our higher goal to make sure that this type of awesome zombie artwork is worn by the majority of the world’s population.

In order to accomplish this higher goal we know we would have to sell cheap funny wear at a low enough price that everyone could afford it. This is why we decided to go with the discount funny wear instead of something lame like clothing with pictures of cars or pets.

In order to fully realize our goal, we will need your help in purchasing and disseminating as much inexpensive funny wear as you possibly can. Without your help we are just a group of highly functioning weirdos trying to sell custom apparel. We don’t want to be weird, so please join us.